Exploration Craft


With more than 8 000 000 players, Exploration Craft is a 3D game in a open Block World. You can explore an infinite world and build everything in a 3D environment. Discovering new lands, collecting, rare blocks and plenty others adventures are waiting you. There are many crafts, items and tools available to create your city and survive.

The game uses a custom physic/render(on top of OpenGL ES 2.0) engines I made in C++. The game also uses some Java(for android) and some Obj-C(for iOS) in order to manage the extern SDK such as Admobs, Google Play game, Game center, in-app purchases, google analyctic, but also other SDKs (Heyzap, Adcolony, Chartboost…)

For any assistance, you can contact me at martin.jules@u-psud.fr